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Flux Pavilion – Freeway (Kill The Noise & Flux Pavilion Remix)

Flux Pavilion and Kill The Noise take a daring gamble in their recent remix of “Freeway;” the two artists have continuously faced scrutiny from their fan bases when trying to experiment with alternative sounds. However, with Flux’s signature patches and a healthy dose of bass, the relaxed trap remix the two have whipped up is undeniably enjoyable. The first beat of the three-minute creation breathes heavy with an emotional overtone before diving into a saw-synth dominated period of tolerance. The clash between the two sounds opens the flood gates for the two bass geniuses to choose their creative direction, which adheres closely to the original production yet reaches to a refreshing space. It is only right that Flux Pavilion play a direct part in the first remix of his forthcoming Freeway Remixes EP.

Release Date: October 10th

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