Golden Features – Tell Me Feat. Nicole Millar (Bixel Boys Remix)Golden Features Tell Me Feat Nicole Millar Biel Boys Remi

Golden Features – Tell Me Feat. Nicole Millar (Bixel Boys Remix)

Bixel Boys are coming off a massive summer of festival and club appearances, and what better way to do so than with yet another main stage-ready remix? The Los Angeles duo pump Golden Features‘ “Tell Me” – already a deep, brooding song – full of twisted, beguiling energy. But as aggressive and loud as the remix may be, it still has all of the melodic charm of the Bixel Boys’ softer, more tropical tracks. One of the most impressive components of the song is Nicole Millar‘s voice, which is full and confident and is a perfect fit for both the original and the remix. The track seems to be built simultaneously for main stages and small clubs, as appealing to fist-pumpers as it is to dancers. In short, it’s just another example of the Bixel Boys’ astounding versatility.

“Tell Me” is out now, and the remix will be available on September 9th.


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