Gregori Klosman, Albin Myers & Tristan Garner – Pressure (Original Mix)Doorn Records Pressure

Gregori Klosman, Albin Myers & Tristan Garner – Pressure (Original Mix)

Individually, Gregori Klosman, Tristan Garner and Albin Myers have mastered their own refined, heavy hitting sounds. And with their heads united, this gifted threesome can unsurprisingly deliver something electrifying, yet still unpredictable. The Parisian pair and mohawk-sporting Swede channel their appetite for gritty electro house in their latest release titled “Pressure” on Doorn Records. This piece endows an energetically raw feel implemented through alternating growls and deep, grinding bassline. “Pressure” further draws on trashing percussion sequences to build the track’s overarching rhythmic bounce. Klosman and Garner have been known for their collaborative compatibility with French dance supergroup Reepublic, but adding Meyers to the mix has undoubtedly armed this number with extra spice.

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