Josh Wink on hosting Electric Zoo’s ‘Vinyl Only’ stageJosh Wink 2

Josh Wink on hosting Electric Zoo’s ‘Vinyl Only’ stage

The main stages aren’t the only places where entertainment is expected at festivals. Even the deep house or techno outlets, where attendees could more easily be satisfied by musical journey, must live up to the all-encompassing experiences that the weekend’s events provide. At creating that ambiance falls to Josh Wink, the longstanding tech maestro who will be hosting Electric Zoo’s Sunday School Grove Vinyl Only attraction.

Wink lays it out to The Wall Street Journal, explaining from first-hand experience that, even for the underground segments; “In a festival atmosphere, people usually want to be entertained.”

Sunday School Grove has been the place to experience the darker side of house music in New York City, once a year, a showcase within a showcase. At Electric Zoo, many will flock to the first main stage, the second main stage, the trance tent, the dubstep party, or any of the previous themed stages. During the festival’s run, which extends into its sixth year this month, it is Sunday School that bring out a unique breed of New Yorker.

Zoo has done its due diligence in providing only the best of underground, with previous hosts ranging from Carl Cox to Danny Tenaglia. Now introducing a Sunday School sister stage, the festival looks to outdo itself with a ‘Vinyl Only’ arena that is, of course, only vinyl. And hosting the inauguration is Wink himself. The veteran tells WSJ that vinyl is a “lost art,” and talks about assembling the roster who can possibly revive it.

“Between all of us, we command a lot of years of experience, and a lot of years of collecting [vinyl]. I wanted to have people that do their craft really well, rather than just choosing names that would fill the tent”

via: WSJ

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