Mat Zo inaugurates his new label with two free originalsMat Zo Up Down Left Right EP

Mat Zo inaugurates his new label with two free originals

News recently broke that Mat Zo would be starting his own label and we couldn’t be more ecstatic. With the uncompromising Zohar at the helm, Mad Zoo has all the makings of a fresh and innovative imprint. Back in April, the creative genius made a stand for free music back and now he has fulfilled that promise. Yesterday Zo stated on Facebook that every release of his will be available as a free download on SoundCloud for one week prior to hitting the digital stores. Thus, for the first release on Mad Zoo, fans may snag Zo’s collaboration with The Knocks as well as his new track “Left to Right” for one week on SoundCloud.

“Get Down 2 Get Up” may be two months old by now, but its bangin’ disco groove will quickly erase any apprehension over its timeliness. “Left to Right” is equally as fun and retro-fitted, albeit more spritely and pugnacious than the former. Combined, the two tracks blend Zo’s old school influences with his riveting modern production skills.

Free Download

Free Download


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