OBESØN – Give Me All Your Love (Original Mix + Bordertown Remix)LO 007 Obeson 1400 FINAL

OBESØN – Give Me All Your Love (Original Mix + Bordertown Remix)

Love & Other’s short yet seamless reign on the underground circuit has mustered a wealth of high calibre talents from under the industry radar. Canadian upstart OBESØN is the next to bat for the budding powerhouse label, bringing with him a serious indicator of how fast both the sound and the potential of his craft are moving here in 2014.

An atmospheric showdown of scratchy beats and moody melodic progressions makes “Give Me All Your Love” the anti-ballad to end them all, warping a certain familiar pop hook into an essential piece of electronic dance composition. The Bordertown remix bring things back to the club floor with a crash, employing huge leads and liberal bass movements to capture a new lease on the popular sound dominating European house music right now.  Love & Other should be writing the dossier for using an independent dance label to school the digital market with experimental and credible house music right now, making OBESØN’s latest and possibly greatest and essential chapter in their movements this year.

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