Revel Casino and HQ Nightclub to officially close on September 10thRevel

Revel Casino and HQ Nightclub to officially close on September 10th

After just two years of existence, Revel Casino will officially be shutting its doors in September. The $2.4 billion resort and home of HQ Nightclub is unable to find a buyer for even pennies on the dollar and will be putting 3,100 people out of work while making a significant dent in state and local budgets. Revel Entertainment has announced that the casino and resort will close on September 10th after never turning a profit. Revel still hopes to find a buyer through the bankruptcy process, and will most likely sell as a non-casino building.

Revel released the following statement earlier today:

“We regret the impact this decision has on our Revel employees who have worked so hard to maximize the potential of the property. We thank them for their professionalism and dedication; however we are faced with several unavoidable circumstances. Despite the effort to improve the financial performance of Revel, it has not proven to be enough to put the property on a stable financial footing.”

Unfortunately for dance music fans, the casino’s popular AMG-operated HQ Nightclub will shut down as well.


Via: ABC News

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