Eric Prydz presents two free Cirez D originalsCirez D Accents Revolution

Eric Prydz presents two free Cirez D originals

The term ‘free download’ is not usually associated with Eric Prydz, yet today, the Swedish mastermind surprised us with two of them. Not only that, but Eric has dawned his darker moniker and presented something even more coveted: unreleased Cirez D material. These are not new tracks per say — in fact, fans have been harkening for them for a while. Rather, “Accents” and “Revolution” are two of Prydz’s secret weapons — dance floor destroyers whose murky techno allure have taken Eric’s sets to the next level.

The first track is an eight-minute techno monster. With a tightly knit drum kit and menacing acid arp, “Accents” pummels like rolling boulder. “Revolution” is a bit headier, with more conspicuous buildups and some potent payoffs. It’s easy to see that both tracks have been designed to send crowds sprawling in the middle of an otherwise entrancing progressive house set.

Oh, and did we mention that they’re available in WAV format?

Download “Accents” here and “Revolution” here.

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