Steve Angello focuses on the fun over financials for pre-album Forbes grillingSteve Angello Size

Steve Angello focuses on the fun over financials for pre-album Forbes grilling

There were often times when it felt like the media had mistaken the parting of Swedish House Mafia for a celebrity divorce. In spite of all the creative and emotional collateral, all we heard about was speculative cash flow. Now on the eve of the rolling-out of their annual highest earning DJs list, Forbes Magazine turned its attention to elusive producer and key Stockholm house icon Steve Angello, who attempted to keep the focus on the road ahead instead of his $12m earnings and the trio’s hotly discussed break-up that found its finale at Ultra Music Festival in 2013.

Joining the magazine in their New York office, the Outmode member and infamous creative advocate looked keen to emphasize the fun over the income. Just a short leap away from the release of his debut album Wild Youth and in the midst of “Wasted Love” gaining serious traction across the globe, Angello spoke of his timeline of making a childhood dream a career landmark in the wake of the Swede’s split. On the making of Wild Youth, he told Forbes: “I started two years ago writing songs and now finally we’re at the end, the bittersweet end, of creating an album. It’s been a great process, really creative and really interesting as a musician to be part of something that’s been going on for such a long time.”

Still hungry for even a sniff of new monetary data, the guise turns quickly to Angello’s entrepreneurial advances, the list of which to date includes a brand of vodka, the second-wind of MySpace and a camera-based product for an as yet unnamed company. He keeps his cards close, but his introverted approach to discussing personal income from all corners of his career does not subside. Past acknowledgement of his speculated $100,000 booking fee and affirmation that the Swedish House Mafia are no closer to reuniting, the interview reads as another skimming over the surface of Angello’s accomplished career. One thing seems apparent though: there is far more than a dollar-sign driving Steve Angello towards this landmark album release.

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