A-Trak discusses his career origins and advocates for ‘Real DJing’A Trak 2

A-Trak discusses his career origins and advocates for ‘Real DJing’

All throughout the debate questioning whether DJing actually requires skill and which performers actually have the so-said talent, one producer has risen above the conversation and skirted controversy by demonstrating his undebatable DJing abilities. A-Trak took to his Instagram account to finally lay the discussion to rest by explaining his own extensive history with DJing, dating back to when he first started at the age of 13 and began to gain momentum after winning competitions, then to becoming Serato’s first endorsee, joining Kanye West on tour, and his first experience dabbling in electronic music alongside Boys Noize, Mehdi, and Feadz.

A-Trak proceeded to explain that the cast of DJs – specifically in electronic music – has changed drastically and although redesigned, he still finds it interesting. “It’s still exciting to me. I’ve seen a lot of fads come and go over the years. And I don’t think my way of DJing is the only way.” Then, he humbly shouted out to fellow DJs with different, but equally respectable talents like Carl Cox and Pharcyde.

Finally, perhaps in hopes of capping as the last words on the topic, A-Trak concluded, “When you come to my show you know you’ll see me cut. And take risks. DJing is about taking risks. I represent #RealDJing.”

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