Over $40,000 worth of drugs were turned in at BestivalBestival 2012 Giles Smith 20120908 163853 JS 1762

Over $40,000 worth of drugs were turned in at Bestival

As reported by the Guardian, concertgoers at this year’s Bestival in the UK turned in over $40,000 (¬£25,000) worth of illegal drugs to the festival’s amnesty bins. ¬†Patrons were encouraged to turn in their drugs anonymously at the entrance to the site and those that did managed to avoid drug checks inside the festival.

The four-day event saw a total of 62 drug offenses as a result of 116 police enforced drug stops, resulting in a crime reduction of 12% from last year. In addition to the $40,000 worth of illicit substances that were turned in, an additional $30,000 worth of drugs were seized by police.

Photo Credit: Giles Smith

Via: The Guardian