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Afrojack hopes to ‘bring back the dance’ in electronic music in 2015

As controversial as his image to certain electronic music zealots may be, there are few arguments that can deny the role Afrojack played in pushing dance music into the mainstream spotlight. “Take Over Control,” first released in 2010, was one of a few first pioneering tracks that helped introduce EDM to the radio and pop music. Now, four years later, Afrojack is ready for a change.

In a new interview with Billboard, the Dutch native explains why he is tired of the state dance music is in in the United States. “Here in America, everyone is trying to do the same thing. They just figured out hard kicks and everyone is like, ‘Oh my god, the hard kicks.’ I’ve been doing that for 10 years, and I don’t want to do that.”

To avoid sounding like the quintessential hipster of DJing, Afrojack clarifies that he’s not condemning America’s dance music scene completely – instead, he’s hoping to wait out the ‘hard kick’ storm and retire to Europe’s more seasoned electronic scene until then. In 2015, Afrojack hopes his US audience will be ready for something different.

“I want to do a tour of America in January, February because I’m pretty sure by the end of the year everyone is sort of finished with the nonstop boom, boom, boom for hours […] Then every trick has been done with the hard kick and it’s time for something new. That’s what I’m working on now in the studio.”

According the Nick van de Wall, when hard kicks fizzle out, the transition from ‘jumping’ music will rewind back towards the soul of electronic – dance music. Exampling his own rework of Katy Perry’s “This Is How We Do,” Afrojack concluded with a clairvoyant observation on the future direction of his genre. “Right now it’s not a lot of dance in [music] anymore, it’s more jump. I think it’s time to bring back the dance a little.”

Via: Billboard

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