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Coachella and Firefly founders form partnership

As reported by Billboard, Goldenvoice and Red Frog Events are teaming up to promote and produce the Firefly Music Festival.

Goldenvoice CEO Paul Tollett and Red Frog Events founder Joe Reynolds along with Greg Bostrom, director of Firefly, spoke to Billboard in an exclusive interview where both parties discussed the new joint venture. “Red Frog will still operate Firefly, because that’s what they’re best at,” Tollett told Billboard, “and we will assist in any way we can, such as helping access talent, sponsorships, and any tricks that we’ve learned along the way to help a festival get to the next level.”

Everyone involved believes that the partnership will have a positive effect on all parties involved, boosting the festival portfolio of Goldenvoice and AEG, while building the Firefly experience from the ground up.

Though details on the deal are still scarce, the partnership will likely see Goldenvoice investing in Firefly and the festival’s infrastructure at its core. Firefly has already locked down a long term lease agreement with the Dover International Speedway through 2032, much the same way that Coachella did in at Indio’s polo grounds. “When you get a long term lease, it helps [because] you’re able to put in infrastructure and invest in long-term capital, it makes a festival better when you can put some things in that you don’t have to tear up each year. When you’re on a year-to-year basis, you can’t really do anything too excellent on the site, because you never know if you’re coming back.” Tollett explained to Billboard.

Both parties dispelled concerns that Firefly would become an “East-coast Coachella,” citing that all of the Goldenvoice properties operate under their own personalities.

Already responsible for the biggest festival in the world, the addition of Firefly – the country’s fastest growing festival – positions AEG and Goldenvoice at the very top of the festival heap.

Via: Billboard

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