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DA Premiere: Nick Jonas – Chains (Just A Gent Remix)

In a short period of time, Just A Gent has skyrocketed his signature “lovetrap” sound to the top of the electronic world. With his recent appearance on this week’s Skrillex Selects playlist, the young Australian producer makes his presence known to a wider audience through the suggestions of Sonny Moore himself. No better time, then, to debut his latest remix of Nick Jonas’ “Chains.” The track graces the determined vocal with strings and stabs that complement the harmonies seamlessly, interlocking bass and catchy lyrics to form a production masterful enough for Jonas himself to place it upon the deluxe version of his forthcoming album with Island. Following his recent announcement that he would be touring the US in the months to come, Just A Gent’s music should be enough to convince you to check him out.

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