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DA Premiere: Wuki – Hot / Talk EP

If you haven’t heard of Wuki yet, that is all about to change. With a handful of releases spanning various industry-leading record imprints, including OWSLA, Fool’s Gold, and Ultra, Wuki has been establishing an aggressively tasteful, dark brand of house music. Now Wuki has connected with Main Course Records for the release of his latest four-track EP Hot/Talk, bringing his gritty, groovy style with a collection of penetrating crowd-rattlers.

The opening track, “Hot” pounds behind a backbone of thick bass kicks, as the grimy house beat pumps club-primed synths over subtle party-fueling vocal samples. The EP’s next offering, “Talk” features an introduction of gated vocal cuts as the track opens up into a staunch warning to haters. “Talk” breaks into a layered, yet impressively minimal selection, pulsing and vibrating through pitch-bending MC work. Each of the tunes on the Hot/Talk EP also feature a rework effort of the original A and B-sides respectively. Northeast-based trap talent Buku offers his own stylistic additions to “Hot” while Tony Quattro of the Trouble & Bass pack infuses a tribal-esque thump behind “Talk,” seamlessly working in creatively modified, melodic sample enhancers.

Wuki’s newest release via Main Course Records is a convolutedly brilliant twist on house and tech sounds, and best of all, the entire EP, as per usual with Main Course, is a completely free download for the next month. Giving listeners plenty of time to make sure Wuki is on their radars from now on, the Hot/Talk EP is a fresh departure from the popular sounds of today, serving as an exciting harbinger of whats to come.

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