‘See The Album, Hear The Movie’: Dirty South links emotion with design on ‘With You’ short-filmDs Wy

‘See The Album, Hear The Movie’: Dirty South links emotion with design on ‘With You’ short-film

Dragan Roganovic makes his cinematic debut this week with number-one charting short-film, With You. Known also as Dirty South, the artist has has risen to and maintained relevancy in a broadening dance music world with this production prowess. One-time Swedish House Mafia affiliate, moving forward with a solo career backed by hit singles and remixes, and bringing said steps full-circle with his first full-length album, Speed Of Life.

His next chapter, however, jumps platforms completely. It’s his new studio album, short film duel project; producer, director. Lead single “Unbreakable” was acclaimed within the world of dance and relatable within the world beyond it. “Tunnel Vision” surfaced as a glimpse into the aesthetic that the visual and aural undertaking would pursue. Now released in its entirety this week, With You is a lot to take in.

The short-film’s plot is initially a back drop to its soundtrack, strong suits being the score and the score alone. But given 20 minutes, the film’s half-way mark, storyline becomes as intriguing as the sonic illustration. With You is a romantic, science fiction journey following a boy who’s found love in a girl who may or may not be from this planet. What begins seemingly as cliché as the description itself, shapes up to be more both in creativity and design. 

Three scenes in particular offer stunning, unique visuals. Paired with Dragan’s score, the ‘see the album, hear the movie’ campaign becomes just that. With remarkable imagery to anchor emotions of it’s matching sound track, Dirty South builds the groundwork for the forthcoming album to be enjoyed in a capacity rarely seen elsewhere — or, at least, not from musical efforts alone.

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