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Duke Dumont does it big at Space Ibiza New York’s ‘Opening Fiesta Part II’

Take it back to late 2012, when Space Ibiza first broke the news that its legendary brand would be sailing overseas to open up shop in the most glamorous of cities – New York. The “essence, philosophy and magic of the White Island” did eventually come to the city that never sleeps, but it took one year longer than planned for the club’s new home to finally come to fruition. Initially slated to burst open its revolutionary doors on Thanksgiving Eve 2013, November 27th came and went, but still there was no official word regarding the superclub’s whereabouts.

Fast forward to summer 2014, when Space Ibiza New York’s teeming moving parts appeared to have conjoined nearly a year after its proposed opening ceremony. This was the first time photos, floor plans and a real Hell’s Kitchen address were revealed to the public, instantly transforming the supposed rumors of its launch into a tangible concept. But the message wasn’t fully clear until last Friday morning, when Madonna, Diplo and Skrillex’s spotting made a bold statement on the nightclub’s behalf: Space Ibiza New York is not akin to any other New York City nightclub. The venue had already established itself as a premier destination before even exposing itself to the general public, mustering all the pomp and lusciousness of Ibiza and hand-delivering its air of exuberance to the US.

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Photo courtesy of Stuart Tracte

The wait may have been the longest and most agonizing tease the dance music community has experienced, but the additional time put toward greater attention to detail was well worth the delay. Upon climbing Space Ibiza New York’s staircase we found ourselves greeted by a bar to the right and, atop a pedestal situated at the center of the room, an Oriental-themed performer, gigantic fan in hand. Dressed in a scintillating silver kimono, white gloves and a face mask, the identity of the costumed individual remained hidden from spectators, as our task was to give our undivided attention to the aesthetics and their impact on our senses, rather than the people behind these grandiose ensembles.

Duke Dumont does it big at Space Ibiza New York’s ‘Opening Fiesta Part II’Club Space Sep 13 2014 463

Just beyond the venue’s hallway lay its main area; fiber optic creatures, aerialists and alien-inspired dancers infiltrated the generously sized room amidst a pristine sound system, sequin-adorned disco balls, potent strobe lights and penetrating lasers that transmitted color to a crowd where there originally was none. Guests desiring extra dancing room should have found the club’s commodious dance floor to their liking, as it remained unobstructed by tables that were instead tucked away both behind the stage and at the rear of the space. But what set the venue apart from its competitors was its interactive performers who not only entertained in their respective spots, but also readily danced with their guests. In an instant, we were no longer outsiders. Instead, we were invited to consider ourselves the protagonists and partake in each of these characters’ stories.

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Photo courtesy of Stuart Tracte

Little did we know that at the time of entry, we would be temporarily leaving America and stepping foot on Spanish soil. As such, this meant that each clubgoer agreed to play by Ibiza’s rules, or in other words, partying until the pre-dawn hours of the morning. Duke Dumont, the headliner of the night, took to the decks at 2:30am – eliciting disappointment from those hoping to make it home by 3, and praise from his devoted night owl fans. Needless to say, the Brit played smash hits like “Won’t Look Back, ” “I Got U” and “The Giver.” However, mainstays such as Jimmy Edgard’s remix of Aden’s “Whip,” Secondcity and Tyler Rowe’s “I Enter” and the Chi2014 Edit of Route 94’s “My Love” satiated fans’ ravenous hunger for cutting basslines and a venue that could show its gratitude toward genres beneath the surface.

Space Ibiza New York’s success depends in part on whether or not it chooses to continue bringing in the Dubfires and Richie Hawtins of electronic music. The megaclub has many choices to face in the future, but given its towering reputation and clean slate, fans are giving it a chance to decide if it wishes to become Pacha on steroids or stay true to its Ibizan roots with a Big Apple twist. Luciano has already been announced to headline both Friday and Saturday of next week, so it seems the club may be headed for the latter, but stay tuned to watch Space Ibiza New York’s American story unfold.

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