Ellie Goulding – Beating Heart (Steve James Remix) [Free Download]Beating Heart Remi

Ellie Goulding – Beating Heart (Steve James Remix) [Free Download]

Inauguration into the AXIS mix series and a steady stream of remixes are just two of the factors that have made Steve James a North American prospect bent on giving the big room sound a twist. Off the heels of official remix duties for Zhu’s “Faded,” the Pittsburgh upstart takes on Ellie Goulding‘s unmistakable vocal assets with the versatile stamina that has made him essential listening throughout the past 12 months. James treads respectfully over “Beating Heart’s” striking topline, ascending with steady melodic aptitude and apexing with enough energy to make the remix relevant to the modern market without bending to its more tedious hallmarks. It isn’t progressive in the conventional sense, but James’ remix shows where a fork has been placed in the road of this popular sound. Steve James is making accessible yet technically refined big room like few others on the beat right now, extending his impressive streak into the final quarter of 2014 with considerable force.

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