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‘Every sound has its place;’ Flume reveals new details about impending album

Although his recent output has swayed toward remixing, Flume’s new album is on the horizon. In a recent interview with Triple J in Australia, the producer divulged an excess of information regarding his full length LP. Taking a more human approach to sound design, Harley Streten commented on the approach he’s taking; “What I’ve been doing [lately] is I’ve been getting a lot of Hollywood sound effects libraries and cartoon sounds – sounds that humans have made – and using those sounds in the music where they shouldn’t be used. Instead of claps, these days I’m using ice cracks, like an icicle cracking against a table – weird things like that. Dropping glass jars of honey on the ground.”

Already touted as one of electronic music’s most innovative producers, Flume’s next full length project has the potential to become one of the artist’s highly-touted works. Two details not relinquished were a potential release date and collaborators, but time will tell when the LP will see the light of day and who Flume will choose to align himself with. You can listen to the full length interview below.

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