Jeremy Olander debuts on Pryda Recordings with ‘Jackie’ EPPRY029 Art

Jeremy Olander debuts on Pryda Recordings with ‘Jackie’ EP

Support by Swedish icon Eric Prydz has lasted years and now the fellow countryman and understudy has done something no one else has. With a three track EP on Pryda Recordings, Jeremy Olander has cemented his place on a label which has been reserved for the dominating productions of Eric Prydz.


Olander’s Jackie EP consists of three tracks and every swift snare, simmering synth, and pulsating kick provides a striking reminder of his prowess in the studio. The extended intervals of soft plucks building upon themselves in both “Jackie” and “Lauderdale” are reminiscent of the label’s founder, while the grittier “DLIGTY” provides enough contrasting qualities for it to stand out even against the Swede’s entire discography. While new styles and fan interests within electronic music come and go with alarming frequency, Jeremy Olander has maintained his own methodology. His consistency is extremely refreshing, as artists continue to chase down the newest fad with varying degrees of success in an always expanding genre.



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