Knife Party makes long-awaited return to Electric Zoo: Five Tracks You Need To KnowEzoo 2014 Day2 12

Knife Party makes long-awaited return to Electric Zoo: Five Tracks You Need To Know

Knife Party makes long-awaited return to Electric Zoo: Five Tracks You Need To Know

One year ago, Rob Swire and and Gareth McGrillen, better known as Knife Party, took to Electric Zoo’s Main Stage East for a rare live performance that blew the entire festival and its patrons out of the water. Despite their lengthy period of silence from social media up until this past May, the Australian pair returned to New York to reclaim their status as one of the most highly-anticipated acts over the festival’s three days. With Knife Party’s debut studio album Abandon Ship well on its way to completion, Swire has officially re-joined his partner in crime on the stage after spending months in the studio producing the bulk of their largest project to date. Scheduled for the final time slot of Saturday evening alongside equally prominent acts such as Kaskade, Madeon, and Paul van Dyk, Knife Party fought hard to garner the crowd they deserved, wrapping up day two in the company of some of the most passionate fans we’d seen all weekend. Here are the five tracks you need to know from Knife Party’s set.

Knife Party - Resistance (Original Mix)

It was only expected that Rob and Gareth would feed fans new tunes off of their forthcoming album, appropriately re-introducing themselves to Electric Zoo with their latest single, “Resistance.” Following in the footsteps of the opening to their EDC Las Vegas set, this time around fans knew what to expect as they began to hear the powerful blows and gritty synth structure that comprise Knife Party’s most recent original mix. Nostalgia ensued, bringing to the forefront memories of the powerful pair that emerged into the spotlight several years back following the spread of “Internet Friends,” the crowd was nothing but proud to call themselves Knife Party fans.

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Dansson & Marlon Hoffstadt - Shake That (Tom Staar Remix)

Tom Staar has made his way into Knife Party’s sets in the past, particularly at Tomorrowland Weekend 2 when “Totem” and his remix (with the help of Kryder) of “Ping Pong” were employed. Electric Zoo was no different. Though the original discovered its popularity among deep house aficionados, Staar’s rapid electro configuration seemed far more fitting in a true Knife Party set. Coming in directly after a dub-heavy ID, “Shake That” gave the crowd a chance to take a breath as they knew that opportunities for a brief recharge were scant. Only 17 minutes into the set, and viewers were already worn out from the nonstop shuffling and head-banging.

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Sandro Silva & Arston - Symphony (Original Mix)

One of the more breathtaking moments of the duo’s hour-long set was by far when they tipped their hats to up-and-comers Sandro Silva and Arston, who worked together to produce “Symphony.” A solid track that epitomizes the big room, it was impossible for festival goers to contain themselves as its hard-hitting drop took nearly each listener by surprise. This was a wake up call for fans; despite their hesitance about Knife Party’s dabbling with other genres, the duo’s hearts will always be in the harder core. And with that, the energy once again picked up momentum as the crowd roared in unison, girls atop shoulders waving gigantic flags in the air.

Knife Party - ID (Earstorm/Big Beat Records)

Heard at the likes of EDC Las Vegas, Ultra Europe and Tomorrowland, Knife Party have have been busy teasing a more lighthearted track from their discography, predicted to be released on Earstorm Records. Little is known of the record except that Rob Swire’s emotive vocal talents still, to this day, remain on point. Described as “Something brand new for all the Ezoo people,” this was one of the few moments fans were anticipating, hours before the two were even set to appear on stage. Though leaning progressive in nature, the currently unnamed track made for an uplifting crowd pleaser that meanders from Knife Party’s aggressive style. It was only a matter of seconds until the crowd became receptive to their altered sound, enthusiastically moving and grooving to Swire’s alleviating singing.

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LOUDPVCK and Gladiator feat. Nipsey Hussle - Tony

Even today, many of us are still asking ourselves where the world would be without trap. Officially released about a week ago, Loudpvck and Gladiator’s “Tony” was an excellent addition to Knife Party’s set – a nod to their 808-loving listeners. Metallic snares, samples of dog barks, and dominating synth work altered the playing field for the Australian duo; it was evident from the blissful countenances all around that both the artists and fans had found a state of zen as they completely lost themselves in the music. Immediately transitioning into “Sleaze,” our spirits were once again awoken and brought back down to reality.

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