Madeon breaks through with ‘Imperium’ off FIFA soundtrackMadeon

Madeon breaks through with ‘Imperium’ off FIFA soundtrack

FIFA fans worldwide are currently clutching at their controllers and gaming away courtesy of EA Sports’ Early Access program, but we’ve looked forward to this day for a different reason entirely. As Avicii‘s new track spilled onto the internet off the game, it was only a matter of time before Madeon‘s pristine production revealed itself off the game’s official soundtrack. Ditching the intensely glitchy style he originally received mass recognition for, Hugo Leclercq approaches “Imperium” with a steady hand and masterful sound engineering in mind. From the track’s break to its more eextravagantsections, Madeon throws away any idea of what the public considers mainstream electronic music and pieces together a masterpiece that will attract casual gamers and die hard dance fans alike.

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