Miley Cyrus presents new kandi and rave inspired art collection at New York Fashion Week244712

Miley Cyrus presents new kandi and rave inspired art collection at New York Fashion Week

What do kandi, New York Fashion Week, and Miley Cyrus have in common? Several days ago, the answer would be nothing much – but this week’s NYFW has birthed a new kooky art and fashion collection collaboration that features neon colors and kandi as the main staple and of course, Miley at the helm of it all.

Miley Cyrus, who has long jumped ship from the cookie mold of pop star celebritydom, is the brain behind the ‘Dirty Hippie’ collection in collaboration with American fashion designer Jeremy Scott. Her fascination with kandi creations first began to trickle into public knowledge via her Instagram where she proudly photographed her cosmic DIY projects including this kandi bracelet pole, a bedazzled letter M, and self-described ‘Smiler’ rave bracelets. Her collection boasts both pieces of various shapes and sizes as well as fashion accessories covered in kandi charms, small toys, and really anything reminiscent of the 90’s.

Whether as an actual tip of the hat to rave culture or just another bizarre move to further confuse the watching world, Miley’s ‘Dirty Hippie’ creations have caught the attention of many notable outlets and celebrity friends. The Kardashians and 2Chainz were some of the few to check out her bedazzled creations, of which reportedly includes a blinged-out dildo.

For those still enraged with Diplo’s Mad Decent Block Party’s choice to ban kandi, perhaps a new kandi-supporter has emerged. Let’s just hope she doesn’t dip any further into the EDM realm than this.

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