MØ – Pilgrim (WDL’s ‘Legotrap’ Remix)MOREMICOVERFINAL

MØ – Pilgrim (WDL’s ‘Legotrap’ Remix)

Vivid Swedish producer and composer Johan Wedel has remained a versatile yet sparing force on the national front. Having set the precedent considerably high with his recent ‘Legotrap’ EP as WDL, the aforementioned sound is given a striking second wind courtesy of official remix duties for Mø this month.

Under the guise of his shorter and more experimentally tailored moniker the Danish pop songstress is fully embraced by the smooth melodic progressions and tempered beat work, the culmination of which has made the ‘Lego trap’ concept far more than just a quirky namesake in his capable hands. There really isn’t anyone pushing the creative buttons like Johan Wedel right now, making him a considerable focus point for Sweden’s ongoing contributions to the industry in the wake of its big room overhaul.

Release date: TBC

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