Pornhub establishes Pornhub Records and opens contest in search of first ‘anthem’Logo

Pornhub establishes Pornhub Records and opens contest in search of first ‘anthem’

The electronic music bandwagon is full with newcomers: socialite heiress gone reality TV star Paris Hilton was one of the first to jump on with her own DJ career and more recently, Win Butler of Arcade Fire ate his own sneers at electronic producers and adopted his own DJ alias as well. Now, an even less likely contender has announced their first venture into the music realm. Pornhub, previously dedicated exclusively to pornography, has officially kicked off their own Pornhub Records with an open contest to hopeful producers of all genres.

The record label has already marketed their contest as a “search for an ‘anthem,'” alluding to an invitation to electronic or dance music styles as well as their already associated rap and punk/rock artists. Rather than focusing solely on X-rated or porn-focused content, Pornhub’s VP Corey Price explains that instead, they hope to find “content that appeals to [the] demographic. Mature lyrics for an adult audience; no boy bands or teen-pop, for instance.”

Producers, music technicians, and “everyone in the business” interested in potentially adding authoring the Pornhub anthem to their list of accomplishments can find more details of the contest here, but be warned that winning doesn’t guarantee an automatic signing deal to Pornhub Records. As for now, the label is merely focused on “developing relationships and understanding how it all works” with platform and digital sales, but hopes to eventually move towards physical sales as well.

Via: Billboard

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