The Radar Episode 017: Mixed by Lost KingsLost Kings Radar Mi

The Radar Episode 017: Mixed by Lost Kings

When searching for the perfect mix to jump start your day, you must first make the difficult decision of whether to ease into the morning with something beautiful or hit the ground running with something aggressive. Or — if you have have a new mix from Lost Kings — maybe a little bit of both. The duo have put together a half-hour mix for Radar Episode 17, and it’s somehow equal parts loud and soothing. They seamlessly mix high-energy remixes of gorgeous songs like “Latch,” “Won’t Look Back,” “Need U 100%,” and “Drunk In Love,” thus satisfying your craving for both beautiful and aggressive. In the end, what more could you really ask for from a mix.

The Radar Episode 017: Mixed by Lost Kings is available for download via SoundCloud.



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