Rain Man is suing Yasmine and Jahan for kicking him out of KrewellaKrewella 1

Rain Man is suing Yasmine and Jahan for kicking him out of Krewella

Rumors of the whereabouts of Krewella’s only male member, Kris Trindl, affectionately dubbed Rain Man by the group and fans, have circulated the EDM space for months. He’s been quiet on social media, non-existent during press appearances, and a non-factor in almost all of the group’s performances for the past year.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Kris’s absence was due to his problems with alcohol that landed the producer in rehab in late 2013. After his recovery, Trindl claims that the sisters didn’t enjoy the “new, sober Kris” and claimed he was suffering from depression. His removal from the group was later attributed to his alleged depression but Trindl claims that he was forced out, alleging that it was a plot so that the sisters could achieve greater financial rewards.

Trindl is currently suing the sisters for close to $5 million dollars in damages but there is probably far more to this story than what is being reported by Trindl’s camp and the Hollywood Reporter.

Sources close to the group say this will not affect any future touring plans.

Via: Hollywood Reporter

Official legal documents have been published here.

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