Riton releases ‘I Am The Whisperer’ EP for free via Nest HQRiton I Am The Whisperer Artwork

Riton releases ‘I Am The Whisperer’ EP for free via Nest HQ

Perhaps known best by his house-techno fusion releases on Pedro Winter’s Parisian powerhouse Ed Banger Records, Riton has made a name for himself as one of techno’s brightest talents. Bred among some of dance music’s most revered taste makers and trendsetters, from Soulwax to DJ Medhi, Riton has established himself and one of the UK’s most gifted producers. After a number of well received releases between various European labels, Henry Smithson has crossed the pond and connected with Skrillex‘s Nest HQ free release label for his latest offering.

Riton’s I Am The Whisperer EP is a two-track collection, each track artfully reflecting Riton’s fine-tuned techno sound. The title track is marked by a dynamic, brooding after-hours beat laced with menacing, metallic vocal cuts from London’s Molly Beanland, as the tune spirals into ominous, cerebral synth layers. The EP’s second selection offers a different approach, although “Dance With Moi” still holds true to Riton’s unique tech-inspired motif. The clanging dance floor-primed B-side builds with crisp vocal samples as it breaks into a frenzied, minimalist hook. Moving into the second break, Riton employs a sharp gating effect and jumps right back into the track’s infectious acid house appeal.

Riton’s latest collection is a compelling and original take on some of the deeper house-inspired sounds that have garnered enormous popularity this year. Appropriately characteristic of his already well-established sound, Riton’s debut on Nest HQ is sure to establish his presence stateside, with two groovy free downloads.

Listen to I Am The Whisperer and grab the free downloads here.

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