Sensation debuts in Dubai October 31 with inaugural open-air eventSensation Dubai

Sensation debuts in Dubai October 31 with inaugural open-air event

Sensation is adding a notable debut to its 14-year run of leading live dance events, taking its ‘Source of Light’ show to Dubai’s Meydan Racecourse on October 31. As the concept that set a considerable precedent for live dance music experiences across the globe with it’s ‘white’ themed events, the brand’s 15,00 capacity debut in the Middle East looks to sport the usual mix of strong programming and high-end productions that the SFX-owned ID&T venture has become synonymous with throughout its 100+ events to date. As the first ever outdoor edition of the concept, it’s Middle East debut rallies the likes of Martin Garrix, Roger Sanchez, Hard Rock Sofa, AN21 & Max Vangeli and the brand’s reliable resident Mr White in a notable first for the infamous city and its entertainment circuit. Having gained a lot of air miles since its debut at Amsterdam Arena back in 2000, October 31 marks a definite landmark expansion for the powerhouse brand.

For more information and tickets visit Sensation Dubai’s Official Website.

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