SoundCloud stands behind new monetized system and introduces partner program, ‘On SoundCloud’ with adsSoundcloud Logo

SoundCloud stands behind new monetized system and introduces partner program, ‘On SoundCloud’ with ads

Controversy between SoundCloud and its users arose when Kaskade first took a stand against the platform’s abrasive copyright infringement policies. Since then the popular music streaming app has continued to pummel past user protests and march forward into a new phase: now, the service will allow Universal, Sony, and Warner Music to actively screen and filter copyrighted content after the three label giants finalize purchasing stake in the company while simultaneously introducing paid advertisements amongst the site’s largely crowdsourced platform.

Representatives of the Berlin company have stepped to the podium to proclaim that this seemingly new direction has been the plan all along. SoundCloud’s Chief Business Officer Jeff Toig explains:

“Building a company takes time, and SoundCloud has been built in three phases. Firstly, we wanted to build tools for creators. Secondly, we wanted to help artists build a huge audience through our service. Now we’re taking the third step – enabling creators to make money through the platform.”

However, in regards to the complaints of many up-and-coming producers who often utilize bootlegs and unofficial remixes to spread word of their talent, Toig stands strong behind SoundCloud’s iron clad copyright infringement policy and further explains that the platform has invested in technologies and systems to ensure that the site’s content remains within legal bounds. “[We] have dedicated people working hard everyday to ensure that creators’ rights are respected,” said Toig. “We make it very clear that creators are only permitted to upload content that they own.”

As many speculated when SoundCloud first announced incoming advertisements to the site, it seems as though the platform is heavily pushing towards becoming a paid subscription service. For several invite exclusive and US only Premier users, the latest step in SoundCloud’s progression has already been put into action as a partner program called ‘On SoundCloud.’ In regards to the new project, Toig adds, “Ultimately, we want all creators to have the opportunity to make money through the platform and we’ll be working to expand the program globally over time.”

Already, Red Bull, Jaguar and Comedy Central are set to run advertisements on SoundCloud. While the negotiation between Universal, Sony, Warner and SoundCloud has yet to finalize, over 20 other labels, publishers, comedians, and podcasters have already signed up as content partners including Sony/ATV and music publisher BMG, InGrooves Music Group, Funny or Die, and several indie artists.

Via: Music Week


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