Stream Aphex Twin’s new album ‘Syro’ on SpotifyAphe Twin 3

Stream Aphex Twin’s new album ‘Syro’ on Spotify

Thirteen years since the release of his last LP Drukqs, Aphex Twin’s latest mind-bending creation has finally hit the digital shelves. Aside from now being able to purchase Syro on iTunes, the album is also available for full stream on Spotify.

When a body of work this large finally arrives from Richard James, it’s a momentous deal to say the least. While he’s blanketed the years in between Drukqs and Syro with various other projects, there’s something about the official Aphex Twin branding that makes it all the more significant.

With his latest full-length release, we’ve seen a different side of James. Syro is not the kind of album to brutally discourage the passive listener. Rather, it’s more accessible than previous works thanks to a conspicuously more melodic approach. Tracks like “Produk 29” and “PAPAT4 (Pineal Mix)” are, dare I say it, even a bit uplifting. With that said, it’s still Aphex Twin through and through: It’s still the kind of album that only the talented yet twisted mind of Richard James could deliver. The painstaking attention to detail is still evident; the wonky, out-of-this-world sound design is stronger than ever. For all intents and purposes, it’s another cerebrally-pleasing project from Aphex Twin worthy of your diligent consideration.

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