Dancing Astronaut does TomorrowWorld: 10 Opening Acts You Can’t MissIMG 4039

Dancing Astronaut does TomorrowWorld: 10 Opening Acts You Can’t Miss

Dancing Astronaut Does TomorrowWorld: 10 Opening Acts You Can't Miss

It feels like it was only yesterday when Tomorrowland’s US expansion was first announced in February 2013 – news that made headlines all across the world in minutes. Now with its second birthday quickly approaching, electronic music fanatics are solely fixated on the final weekend of the month, during which time they will be invited to camp out, make lasting new friendships and see some of their favorite artists live for the first time. A 1:00am curfew is sure to suit festivalgoers well, particularly as many close out their evenings at the 400 foot long, 100 foot tall volcano-themed stage

In just a few weeks, young individuals from all over the world will fly into, drive or walk to Chattahoochee Hills, doing whatever it takes to flock together for yet another three-day weekend at one of America’s most prominent music festivals. While many can’t contain themselves at the thought of seeing Kaskade, Diplo, Bassnectar, Skrillex and Nicky Romero, there are also a handful of other, smaller artists who deserve an honorable mention. Currently at “opener” status, young producers such as Vindata, Slander, Valentino Khan and Cut Snake will be making earlier appearances throughout the festival. However, it is undeniable that the up-and-comers are the ones that will delineate the future of electronic dance music and thus must be discovered early on. These are the 10 opening acts that are must-sees.


be shapeless, formless, like water…” – that is the mission statement of LA collective Vindata, which had its humble beginnings in 2010. As the pair are already scheduled to make select guest appearances during Skrillex’s Fall Tour and to perform at Texas’ Something Wicked, campers would be foolish not to emerge from their tents early to witness the musical magic that is Branden and Jared. In dabbling with genres along the lines of future bass and chill trap, the seasoned duo are hot off the heels of releasing their latest single alongside Sweater Beats and featuring Bella Hunter, “Where You Are,” which is sure to become a new TomorrowWorld favorite. 

Henry Fong

Florida native Henry Fong has been a rising figure in dance music for years now, fostering a busy itinerary with his biggest performances locked in at TomorrowWorld and Holy Ship!!! and smaller ones at nearly every American nightclub wedged in between. As such, he continues to grace the electro house scene with his hard-hitting originals and remixes, such as his “Takin’ It Back” or his free bootleg of “Terror Squad.” This year, Fong deserves far more than just a nod at his TomorrowWorld debut, as he will dish up a fruitful mixture of big-room records and mashups for Georgia’s eager pack.


We’ve told you about it before, but perhaps the message wasn’t clear: the heaven trap seed has been planted and is now cropping up at festivals all over the country. Derek Andersen and Scott Land proposed the notion several months back with their remix of “Don’t Leave,” but the sub-genre became “officially official” in August with the launch of the duo’s retouching of Arty’s “Up All Night.” Melodic trap combined with progressive synth structures will always remain dear to Slander, but don’t underestimate their talents just yet; the two also have a firm grasp on the enticing nature of festival trap and will not go lightly on their fans. 

Cut Snake

Cut Snake’s stage name might be closely related to DJ Snake, but their musical styles could not be at greater odds. The theory is that some of the more creative gems come from the Eastern Hemisphere, but this has been increasingly proven to be true when considering other Australian acts like Emoh Instead, Wave Racer and Motez. Having recently played at both locations of this year’s Made in America festival, the Gold Coast pair are only gaining relevance at a time in which deeper basslines are no longer the question, but the answer.


It would only make sense that Oliver is composed of two young veterans by the name of Oliver – Oliver Goldstein and Vaughn Oliver. Their sound is futuristic, odd at times, but thankfully their peculiar leanings have never stopped the duo from producing what their hearts desired. Just in time for TomorrowWorld, Oliver’s “Light Years Away’ EP was released earlier this week on Fool’s Good, ensuring fans that they are busy at work on the production front. Oliver’s healthy dose of funk, nu-disco and electropop compose the giant mixing bowl of flavors that the duo have achieved over time, setting the stage for a savory set at TomorrowWorld this year.


Alesia was already on the verge of stardom, but it wasn’t until their early 2013 collaboration alongside DJ Snake, “Bird Machine,” that their name seriously began to spread like wildfire across the electronic music sphere. Supported early on by one of dubstep’s most celebrated icons, Skrillex, the pair have stockpiled a rich assortment of remixes and originals, most recently “H.T” and their gritty refashioning of Jeremih’s “Don’t Tell Em.” Having long outgrown their protege standing, Alesia’s commanding use of hi hats and 808s manifests a departure from house music’s innocuous tendencies.

Jacob van Hage

Few are familiar with Dutch DJ and producer Jacob van Hage, but some may remember when Hardwell played the “festival killer,” “Panic,” on Hardwell On Air several months back. Produced alongside Halfway House, the track showcases the best of glitchy electro house and powerful progressive constructions that would set the tone at any festival of TomorrowWorld’s caliber. In addition to Revealed, Jacob also has a healthy relationship with Flashover Recordings; “Floorburn,” to be released via iTunes on October 6th, only adds to his impressive repertoire. Taking the decks during a 1:30pm time slot at Ferry Corsten’s ‘Full On Stage,’ Jacob’s set won’t be one to miss.

Valentino Khan

Having produced for hip hop artists B.o.B., T.I., and 2 Chainz and co-produced “Bubble Butt” with the help of Diplo, Valentino Khan is a man of many talents. It seems as though artists and fans alike can never get enough of the rising contender, who has most notably been supported by dance music pioneer, Skrillex. And thus, a friendship was born – one that helped make Khan’s most recent EP, “In Khan We Trust,” possible. The producer finds himself most at home when delivering fast-paced trap, tribal taps and relentless bass, promising to deliver an explosive set as a pre-game to the main event.

Isaac Tichauer

It’s not everyday that Isaac Tichauer releases new music, but when he does, it’s worth taking a listen. 2013 was all about his “Take Over You” EP, whereas in 2014 the spotlight shifted over to the Aussie’s “Changes/Questions” EP. The former is reminiscent of an uplifting house rendition of a lullaby, while the latter takes on the “big brother” role with more sinister taps and austere vocal samples. The untouchable talent, now housed within the French Express family, will undoubtedly make a top-mark impression during his 2014 TomorrowWorld debut. With endless possibilities in regards to track selection, fans can expect to to hear an inspiring set that defies expectations and transcends house music’s stale sound.


In describing his musical approach as ‘Jump-Up Big Room House,’ Dan O’Donnell may become the new festival favorite for those seeking a more aggressive live performance. Just days from releasing his newest singles “Pop Pop” and “Brain Cells,” D.O.D. will be at no shortage of fresh music to showcase for the TomorrowWorld crowd. Now a more familiar name in dance music, O’Donnell is perhaps most recognizable for his work with Mixmash label head Laidback Luke – “Flashing Lights” – a middle-eastern inspired record that embodies a montage of poppy blows amongst rapid lifts and metallic layers. The Hysteria/Mixmash veteran is ready for TomorrowWorld – are you?

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