TomorrowWorld offers yoga, workouts, speedating to DreamVille guestsScreen Shot 2014 04 08 At 12.29.26 Am

TomorrowWorld offers yoga, workouts, speedating to DreamVille guests

TomorrowWorld’s DreamVille is far more than simply a festival camping site and its latest announcement proves it. Nestled deep within Chattahoochee Hills’ forests, guests will have access to shops, food vendors and most notably, rejuvenating activities such as morning yoga, workout classes and speedating for those looking to make new friends (or more than friends). Each of DreamVille’s offered activities will occur daily; attendees who wish to relax their minds and bodies before hoursĀ of head-bobbing can head to The Gathering Dreamville Stage at 9am for an hour-long yoga session. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more rigorous way to kickstart your day, bass body sessions will be held at The Gathering Stage at 11am for a 45-minute “rave-like workout.” Additional standout activities include Bocce, Cornhole and life size Connect 4, checkers and chess – creating boundless options for festivalgoers before they braveĀ the Hills and set out for a full day’s worth of partying.

Find DreamVille’s entire list of activities here.

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