ToneDen introduces Follow on SoundCloud to download featureToneden

ToneDen introduces Follow on SoundCloud to download feature

With Facebook’s recent announcement of their plans to ban “Like to Download” mechanisms on the platform, artists have been scrambling to find alternative methods for their free releases. Rather than encouraging tools like “Tweet to Download,” ToneDen has provided artists with the ability to provide their fans with an exclusive download for their track in return for a follow on their SoundCloud page via ToneDen’s “Spotlight” feature. This provides artists with a head start on building their fanbase and their future revenue stream from the upcoming changes being brought forth by “On SoundCloud.”

ToneDen introduces Follow on SoundCloud to download featureBuygorespotlight

The feature is quick to set up: artists pick a song and upload a background image to instantly create a landing page they can direct fans to for their free releases. Artists aren’t limited to featuring only one song, nor are they limited to only requiring themselves to be “followed”. ToneDen’s “Spotlight” feature also includes the ability to have multiple songs be available for download, in addition to providing the option of requiring more than one SoundCloud account to be followed, a useful solution for collaborations.The statistics provided wrap the feature up nicely, providing artists with information like the number of daily and total views and downloads to let them know how their release has been performing. You can see a live version of Ash Riser’s here:

ToneDen introduces Follow on SoundCloud to download featureSpotlightstats

Spotlight is part of ToneDen’s premium package which also includes a custom website, an electronic press kit, and aggregated social media analytics for $5/mo or $50/yr. Artists can try out the feature by creating an account and starting a free trial, however they can always access ToneDen’s community and basic website/analytics features for free.

For information on how to set up your “Follow to Download” feature watch the tutorial below.

You can learn more about ToneDen’s community of 16,000+ artists with this video: