Watch This: Flume offers part two of North American tour recap videoScreen Shot 2014 04 14 At 6.03.40 PM

Watch This: Flume offers part two of North American tour recap video

Globetrotting Aussie prodigy Flume keeps a packed schedule as he continues to hit the world’s best venues and biggest festivals. Inspiring crowds from coast to coast, Harley Streten has established himself as one of dance music’s brightest talents, and thankfully with cameras there to capture every moment of the tour, fans can catch a glimpse of Flume’s day to day on the road.

Flume has released part two of his extensive tour recap, bringing the cameras to Chicago’s Lollapalooza, where he was one of the most anticipated acts on the enormous weekend lineup, as well as to Colorado’s world-renown Red Rocks Amphitheater. Tracking shots and over-the-shoulder frames catch the young producer fully engaged as crowds all over the country eagerly devour his ultra-infectious sound. According to the emerging superstar, rocking sold out festival crowds definitely has its perks, but the forward-thinking beat maker prefers the intimacy of the venue setting, where each different stop on the tour offers a unique setting for his music to thrive within.

Be it a massive festival mob or a tightly packed venue, there is no doubt that Flume puts on a must-see show. And if you haven’t had the opportunity to check out what all the hype is about, here is your chance.

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