Watch This: Funny or Die’s DJ Mag Top 100 DebatesTop 100 Logo 2014

Watch This: Funny or Die’s DJ Mag Top 100 Debates

DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs poll has been embraced with increasingly mixed feelings among the collective dance music community over recent years. While some enthusiastically cast support for their favorite DJs (or producers), others condemn the competition as merely an illusional popularity contest. Whether or not you approve of the cultural tradition, lightening the mood with humor can surely help relieve tensions and bring perspective to the situation at hand.

In Funny or Die’s latest comedic stab at pop culture we find the familiar faces of beloved DJs and artists A-Trak, Destructo and DJ Mustard, and not-so-familiar “DJ” duo Jul-Ian, engaged in a US presidential style debate moderated by Full House’s Candace Cameron Bure. The four parties make their cases for DJ Mag’s Top 100, discussing the important, hard-hitting issues such as A-Trak’s stance on Ibiza immigration reform, DJ Mustard’s and Destructo’s opposing views on festival ticket taxes, outer space marijuana legalization and more. Actors Julian Morris & Ian Harding of the mysterious Jul-Ian moniker even take time to showcase their exceptional DJ competence with the touch of a single button. Enjoy the video above, and remember to simply keep supporting the artists you love regardless of the opinions of others.

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