Zedd hopes to have new album done by early next yearZedd

Zedd hopes to have new album done by early next year

When he’s not breaking records at Vegas nightclubs, Zedd is leading anti-smoking campaigns and taking home VMAs. The German producer may have just turned 25, but he’s already accomplished more in his career than most musicians will in their entire lives.

The turning point for Zedd came with the arrival of his debut album, Clarity, a release which would irreversibly propel him into the mainstream spotlight. Overnight, Zedd turned into the perfect pop producer, merging the technical prowess of his past life with superior song writing and radio appeal. Now, nearly two years after the release, the world is left wondering when his next full length album will arrive.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Zedd finally opened up on the new album:

“It’s true, it’s taking forever. It’s hard to find time to sit down and focus on it. I’ve written most of the songs but the production process is long for me – making them sound the way I want them to sound, finding the right vocalists, and so on. I might put out a single or two in the next six months or so, but I need to get off the road for a little while.”

When you’re making music literally for millions of people, it’s quite understandable that the process would take a bit longer than usual. It doesn’t help that Zedd is constant demand either, forcing him to be a bit more creative with balancing his studio time: “I do a lot of Vegas shows,” he says, “and I literally stay in the studio until 9 p.m., hop on a plane and fly over to get on stage by midnight. That way I can still get a full studio day in.”

It seems the world will have to wait a little bit longer for the German superstar’s next big release, but it may be sooner than we think: “I’m hoping that by early next year, it will be wrapped. But we’ll see.”

Via: Billboard

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