Bassnectar launches side project with Jantsen by remixing himselfLocoja

Bassnectar launches side project with Jantsen by remixing himself

Bassnectar has been making some big moves lately, with his recent album release to his Madison Square Garden show there has been no lack of wobble in Lorin’s arsenal. Yet again Bassnectar finds himself in the news, but this time it isn’t by himself. Yesterday, in his campaign of releasing a remix from his ‘NVSB’ album each week, Bassnectar released a remix to ‘Lost In The Crowd’ by a then unknown LOCOJA. Later in the day long time friend and collaborator of Bassnectar, Jantsen announced via his Facebook page that LOCOJA is the side project between himself and Lorin.

The project is described as “…the gloves-off, no rules, no hesitation, no limits, creative project of longtime collaborators Bassnectar & Jantsen.” The remix itself has a incredibly catchy, melodic vibe to it. It should be interesting to see where the two take the project from here, but one thing we do know is that LOCOJA is definitely a space you should be watching. Check out the remix below!

Jantsen’s Facebook post.

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