Above & Beyond make history presenting ABGT100 to New York’s Madison Square GardenMsg3 184

Above & Beyond make history presenting ABGT100 to New York’s Madison Square Garden

Above & Beyond make history presenting ABGT100 to New York's Madison Square Garden

A lot can happen in 14 years. Most will earn their high school diplomas, move on to college and eventually find themselves carrying on their “normal” lives as planned. But for Above & Beyond, 14 is the number of years it took for the UK-based DJ and production collective to arrive at the monumental place they are at today. Two radio shows, three studio albums and over two million fans later, Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness, and Paavo Siljamäki have earned their mark as legends among the dance music community.

Fans do not merely hear the trio’s music; rather, they listen to what the lyrics of “Sun & Moon” or “You Got To Go” attempt to convey and run with these messages, applying them to their individual lives. These are the emotive songs that have and continue to impact fan’s lives each day, serving as a reminder we are never alone – a more heartfelt and expressive approach rarely found in a genre epitomized by party and rave culture.

It is eye-opening shows such as Above & Beyond’s debut at Madison Square Garden and their first-ever acoustic performances at Porchester Hall and The Greek Theater that echo their exemplary status as not just DJs, but as musicians. “Group Therapy” may have only celebrated its 100th episode at The Garden, but October 18, 2014 identified as the group’s 550th radio show since its inception – a quintessential moment in time that garnered a sold-out crowd and united thousands of passionate members of the Trance Family.

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Tony, Jono, and Paavo make a godly entrance

In an instant, the room fell silent following Mat Zo’s uplifting performance. A light medley of piano keys saturated the air while clouds of smoke billowed upwards, the only source of light was provided by raised cell phones and a vibrant white glow emerging from the stage. The crowd roared as the trio made their celestial entry – Tony and Paavo flaunting a black ABGT100 flag, and Jono proudly introducing themselves as Above & Beyond. It was only hoped that “We Are All You Need” would ensue, and our wish was happily granted.

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More teases of 'We Are All We Need' equal infinite bliss

Having contributed to six of Above & Beyond’s tracks on Group Therapy alone, it is safe to say that Zoë Johnston is close to being named the group’s fourth official member. The British singer-songwriter recently re-entered the picture when “We Are All We Need” was unveiled last week, but fans can expect to hear more of Zoë’s iconic vocals on the group’s forthcoming album. Bearing the potential title “Peace of Mind,” the reveal arrived with an additional Above & Beyond ID (12:00) that nods to the collective’s trance roots.

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We'll never get over you...

We knew what was coming when “We’ll never get over you,” a play on “Sun & Moon’s” lyrics, was projected onto the LED wall in prominent, white letters. It was one of the few moments fans patiently waited for since stepping foot inside The Garden – the chance to belt out loud yet again, “I’m sorry baby / You were the sun and moon to me / I’ll never get over you / You’ll never get over me.” Though delivered as a mashup alongside Andrew Bayer’s “Once Lydian,” the love was real and not one word went un-sang.

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Have you ever wondered what it was like to press the button?

A slight wave of confusion doused the arena when “Blue Sky Action” was interrupted by a brief silence, until it became evident what Tony had planned to do all along: to fulfill a couple of lucky fans’ dreams. An animated crowd cheered in support chanting “Push the button” as he summoned two girls from the floor onto the stage, one of whom held a sign reading, “Dreams do come true. Please let me push the button.” And when they did finally push the button angels sang, hugs were given, hand hearts were made and nine tremendous blasts of CO2 circled around the stage.

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Fans discover once again that there's a thing called love

Oftentimes we get so caught up with what’s in front of us that we forget about that thing called love. Luckily, Above & Beyond exist to remind us that love does and should have a strong presence in our lives, whether it be for family, friends, or significant others. Admirers clapped their hands to the beat and quietly mouthed the words, “Don’t forget about a thing called love” in anticipation of the anthem’s dance-inducing drop. Red and white confetti cascaded into the sea of moving bodies to indicate that the end was near, but not without a few final ‘thank yous’ from our heroes themselves. Although the two magical hours passed us in the blink of an eye, each individual was able to walk away from Madison Square Garden with utmost gratification. History was made, and our time together was anything but ordinary. After all, life is made of small moments like this.

Listen to the entire set here.

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