Bonobo’s latest creation is a stirring house trackBonobo Flashlight EP

Bonobo’s latest creation is a stirring house track

Bonobo is one of those rare artists who traverses the space between niche experimental and widespread appeal with ease. He creates these worlds that are organic and strange yet vastly compelling to people outside of the — dare I say it — “downtempo” space. His latest offering, however, is something a bit different. For one, it’s got all the makings of a killer house track, from its ear-grabbing hook to its perfectly mixed percussion. Of course, the magical Bonobo vibe is present throughout and ultimately what makes the song work so well. “Flashlight” is noticeably more upbeat than The North Borders — likely inspired by his time spent DJing around the world. Its’s easy to see this track going down well everywhere from Coachella’s Yuma Tent to the Playa.

“Flashlight” is the first track on Bonobo’s forthcoming EP of the same name, due for release on Ninja Tune.

Release Date: December 1st

 Find out what happens when the worlds of Maya Jane Coles and Bonobo collide.