Bro Safari – Bender (Original Mix) [Free Download]Unnabendermed

Bro Safari – Bender (Original Mix) [Free Download]

After spending most of the last year on the road, Atlanta-born trap treasure Bro Safari returns to the studio flexing his eclectic style on a tune that’s long been in production limbo. Now, after finding some free time before embarking on his upcoming Animal House Tour this winter, Bro Safari has set himself on a mission to complete a handful of half-finished projects for a consistent queue of free offerings for his fans. His first, “Bender” dives into a darker vibe than one would typically expect, playing on a deep, chanting vocal sample and manipulating its pitch for a compellingly unique lead progression. This moodier and more melodic piece demonstrates how Bro Safari is anything but rusty, foreshadowing the potential exciting sounds the producer may have in store.

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