Cash Cash – Surrender (Tritonal Remix)Trit1

Cash Cash – Surrender (Tritonal Remix)

Tritonal‘s taken a lot of flak over the last couple of years for their transition away from a more trance-oriented sound. This remix they recently released of Cash Cash‘s “Surrender”, however, puts all the emphasis back on the beautiful, vaulting melodies that made us fall in love with them seven years ago. It’s no lofty 160 BPM ballad, but who wants dance to that at a club or festival nowadays? The remix has all the build ups, break downs and synth-driven drops you need to ignite a big room dance floor, but as a whole it’s a beautifully produced vocal-driven piece that’s light enough to listen to outside of a music venue. It also does a great job of staying away from the noisy sirens and triple-bass drops that usually characterize the genre.


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