Concert crasher gets rescued from a tight spot at Vancouver’s Dooms NightUltra2014 Day1 67

Concert crasher gets rescued from a tight spot at Vancouver’s Dooms Night

A commendably zealous, yet unfortunately poor attempt, to sneak into a concert had left one Vancouver man stuck in a pretty tight spot this past weekend as Martin Garrix took to the stage at Dooms Night 2014. Rather than getting a free pass to the weekend event, one overeager man got a free pass through a vent, and ended up having to be rescued after getting stuck in the venue’s ventilation system following the concert. The man — who is still unidentified — attempted to sneak in through the venue’s fire escape earlier in the evening, but was thwarted by security and evicted from the premises.

After his first attempt proved to be futile, rather than just giving up and going home, the man decided to pry off a vent cover and try to shimmy down into the party at Pacific Coliseum, Mission Impossible style. The concert crasher was discovered by a Coliseum employee named Stafford Richter, who said he heard the man’s desperate pleas from the vent around 2 a.m. “I heard this ‘help me, help me… get help but don’t call the cops,” said Stafford, but unfortunately for the vent-navigator, that isn’t how the cookie crumbled. 

Pacific National Exhibition is looking to press charges on the concert crasher. Thankfully, this particular story of concert-goers’ sometimes questionable behavior ends laughably rather than in tragedy. Kids these days.

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