DA Premiere: Wuki adds serious attitude to Heartsrevolution’s ‘Kishi Kaisei’Ride Or Die Remies

DA Premiere: Wuki adds serious attitude to Heartsrevolution’s ‘Kishi Kaisei’

Wuki has been making bold moves lately. Following up his Hot/Talk double-trouble EP, Wuki has landed on spot on a forthcoming remix pack OWSLA is gearing up to release for Heartsrevolution‘s Ride or Die EP. Best described by their catchy fusion of indie-pop and electro-rock, OWSLA-championed duo Heartsrevolution offer up multiple creative platforms on various tracks for producers to deliver alternatively innovative cuts. With Wuki offering his own tasty rendition of “Kishi Kaisei,” the Denver-based producer provides another shining example of his funky, convoluted, strangely enticing brand of futuristic house music.

Wuki’s remix of “Kishi Kaisei” subs out the original tune’s childish frivolity for a funky beat box-inspired introduction, and as Wuki drops in a winding vocal loop leading into the tune’s break, the rework bends and boogies into a mean future-bass groove. Squealing synths bop and hiss, preplacing the original’s melodic appeal, although Wuki seamlessly works in subtle pieces of what was once originally something with a lot less kick and a little more love into his moody, eccentric remix. Working into the second half of the tune, a halftime break with the addition of sharp hi-hat rolls rounds off a grimy, forward-thinking house rework.

Delivering another tune that requires a little more elbow room on the dance floor, Wuki offers up another stellar release to add to his colorful track record.

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