David Guetta delivers on promise for ‘different’ with new single ‘Dangerous’David Guetta Dangerous

David Guetta delivers on promise for ‘different’ with new single ‘Dangerous’

You haven’t heard David Guetta like this in over a decade.

The hit-maker has made some bold statements on what is due to become his next artist album. Now set with a November release date, Listen spawns its first single — and Guetta delivers on his promise for music that “sounds nothing like I’ve done in the past.”

Lead single “Dangerous” featuring Sam Martin is lead by two impressive fronts. The first being its wide ranging use of instrumentation; from piano, to strings, to orchestral effects. The second being the strings segment itself, where he takes a page of out Nile Rodgers’ book to find a funky bassline.

“Dangerous” is (as Guetta says) nothing like we’ve heard from his in the past. At least not really. It’s nothing like his recent slew of singles, and nothing like his previous artist album. If at all, the track is reminiscent of select sounds circa Just a Little More Love (2002) and Guetta Blaster (2004). What has David struck on his latest chapter in music? It’s a new flavor of retro-dance done authentically. We’re calling it neo-dance.

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