David Guetta wants to be the first person to DJ in spaceDavid Guetta 004

David Guetta wants to be the first person to DJ in space

Back in 2011 it was Armin Van Buuren who toyed with the idea of taking a commercial space flight so he could DJ at the speed of sound. He promised 2014 would be the year for this milestone achievement and with only a few months left it seems like his dreams will not become reality.

Capitalizing on his peers inability to follow-through with the DJing in Space gimmick, David Guetta has shared with British radio show KISS FM UK that he intends to be the first DJ to spin in space.

After a flight between Paris and Ibiza in 2011 where he played his new album for a crew of journalists, he was inspired to look upward for his next big DJ gig. Despite his desire to be the first, Guetta has his doubts about by the required training but seems passionate about making history:

“You just have to fly a few times on a military plane and imagine that it’s going to be like this but 10 times more intense. That got me a little scared but to be the first guy to Dj in space? That would be crazy, I mean, that’s history.”

H/T: DJMag Canada