Deadmau5 joins Indy racer James Hinchcliffe for a ride at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway635489854804174144 17 Deadmau5

Deadmau5 joins Indy racer James Hinchcliffe for a ride at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Deadmau5’s relatively recent fascination with luxury cars has now blossomed into a full blown fixation – one that fellow Canadian and friend James Hinchcliffe was happy to help Joel indulge in recently. Hinchcliffe, a race car driver currently competing in the IndyCar series, invited the producer to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway earlier this week to join him in his Indy Racing Experience car as the passenger for several rounds around the track.

After sharing his firsthand experience next to the hot seat (“My kneecaps are still on”), Deadmau5 jokingly added, “We just made a promise to each other that [James] won’t be entering any DJ world in the next two years and I won’t be on the Indy anytime in the next two years.” Carrying on with the playful banter, Hinchcliffe stated that after two years, he’d think about buying an iPod to start his DJ career. “Hopefully I’ll be retired by then,” Joel retorted. “[With] the pace of electronic music these days, I am technically already retired.”

Deadmau5 went on the point out the vast differences between his role as a musical performer and racers in action like Hinchcliffe: “Me screwing up in front of 20,000 people is kind of comedic and okay. Him screwing up, even in front of no people, that’s just all sorts of bad.” Thankfully, for both audiences, we won’t be seeing a switch in professions between the two anytime soon.

Via: Indy Star


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