DJ Craze sends a pointed message with ‘New Slaves Routine’Dj Craze Artwork

DJ Craze sends a pointed message with ‘New Slaves Routine’

Its fair to say that the term DJ is being thrown around a little bit. Maybe even dragged through the mud in some cases. It seems nowadays anyone in front of some CDJs can call themselves a DJ. Understandably so, some of the people that have dedicated their lives to being DJs and producers are beginning to take offense to the situation when MTV reality show stars and hotel heiresses begin to plague the scene. To add insult to injury, these counterfeit acts are capitalizing at an alarming rate, pulling in astronomical amounts of money from aimless party-people stuck wondering when will the bass drop? Fortunately however, some of the patriarchs and pioneers are starting to respond; DJ Craze‘s two cents on the matter might be the best counter so far.

The Slowroaster supreme recently uploaded a video to Youtube of his latest routine behind the turntables that he has built his legacy upon. With more DJing championship titles than you can count on three hands, one of the greatest, truest, classically trained disc jockeys in the world started off with Kanye West’s “New Slaves,” to deliver a sharp message about what real DJing actually looks like.

Blindly trusting his cross-fader to lead his body, the Miami-made DJ carves out a head-spinning scratch routine with an unteachable finesse. Dropping in spastic samples and crisp scratching, the Slowroast Records founder genuinely feels the music as he glides between the decks, rather than calling for another “everybody put your hands in the air.” Not only does Craze highlight the fact that real DJing is seldom come by, but points to the unfortunate truth that anyone who is a true turntablist might be one of the last of a dying breed.

And if you don’t know enough about DJ Craze, do your reading here. 

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