Doppler Labs introduces DUBS, a new look for the earplugDubs

Doppler Labs introduces DUBS, a new look for the earplug

More than six million people in the United States experience hearing loss between the ages of 18-44, if you are an avid dance music fan and spend most of your weekends in a nightclub with thumping speakers the chance of you being one among those people increases exponentially.

Doppler Labs has introduced a new, more fashionable, earplug called DUBS Acoustic Filters that improves the auditory experience without sacrificing comfortability or appearance. Earplugs that are visible when looking at someone head on are now a thing of the past as DUBS sit in the ear with no protruding parts.

DUBS are available at the affordable price of $25 so that all music lovers can take care of their ears without breaking the bank.

Learn more about DUBS technology here.

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