Over a dozen fans hospitalized during Skrillex’s Navy Pier show in ChicagoSkrille Mothershio

Over a dozen fans hospitalized during Skrillex’s Navy Pier show in Chicago

The unfortunate connotations of rampant drug use and tragedy that have sadly found themselves hand-in-hand with dance music culture continue to prove to be an uphill battle as reports continuously surface of concert attendees packing medical tents. The latest bit of bad news comes from Chicago this past weekend as Skrillex‘s fall tour rolled into the Windy City. And although the “good people, good times” crew put on a stellar show in Chicago last Saturday night, the performance is unfortunately marred by reports of over a dozen minors being transported to local hospitals due to to drug and alcohol consumption.

Andy Bazos, President of CrowdRX, who manages medical assistance for SFX Entertainment’s events, brings up an interesting point. Bazos contends, “I personally think that the more that word gets out there, the better.” And the truth is, he is right. As upsetting as these reports from various dance music events across the globe tend to be, the fact of the matter remains that spreading the word and educating fans needs to be dance music’s top priority. An estimated third of the 10,000 person crowd for Skrillex’s Saturday night affair were minors, which also highlights the fact that venues and promoters might need to begin seriously considering enforcing higher age restrictions at events. 

16 attendees in total were transported to various hospitals in Chicago’s downtown area. Although the media and concerned parents want to blame venues and promoters about safety standards, the harsh reality of the matter is that dance music fans globally need to begin to practice safer, more conscious, and more mature concert-going behaviors.

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